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Abstract submission

  • The 7th Nano-Satellite Symposium invites prospective authors to submit abstracts of their works. All submissions will be reviewed for quality, relevance and merit. All accepted abstracts will be included in the symposium proceedings and distributed to participants during the Symposium.
  • Authors are expected to follow the abstract submission guideline.
  • Presenting authors will be informed and offered an alternative poster presentation if their abstracts are not selected for oral presentation.


The following list of topics for micro/nano/pico-satellites (less than approximately 100kg satellites) is of relevance to the Symposium:

  • A) Novel missions and applications
  • 1) Earth observation
  • 2) Disaster monitoring
  • 3) Communication type missions
  • 4) Space science and space exploration
  • 5) “Personal use” type missions
  • 6) Other new areas of missions
  • B) Lessons learned as to space utilizations
  • 1) Public welfare type service
  • 2) Service for business
  • 3) Experiences of actual satellite projects in otherfields
  • C) Technologies and infrastructure
  • 1) Satellite architectures
  • 2) Novel components and interface technologies
  • 3) Software development styles and architectures
  • 4) Ground test techniques and standardization
  • 5) Ground station systems
  • 6) Archive and information processing
  • 7) Launch opportunities
  • 8) Regulatory issues
  • 9) Education and capacity building

Abstract Guideline

Abstracts should be completed within 2 pages in length and must be submitted via email to: nanosat7th@itu.edu.tr

Please use the following Guideline:

By the Decision of Steering Committee the venue for the 7th Nano-Satellite Symposium and 4th Unisec-Global Meeting (Including DoD and MIC4) has been changed to Kamchia which is located 25km south from Varna, Bulgaria .

Detail logistic information will be available soon,

Please check http://unisec-global.org/

Sorry for the inconvenience